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Portland Bunkers UK believe in a positive and productive approach to site safety. Last month due to increased traffic and newly directed roads within Portland Port, we identified sections of our pipeline that needed additional protection. Vehicle barriers have now been installed along these sections to remove any possible pipeline/vehicle collision which could lead to a major accident event.  

PBUK COMAH Establishment 


The Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Regulations ensure that Portland Bunkers UK Ltd (PBUK), take all necessary measures to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances, as well as limiting the consequences to people and the environment of any major accidents which may occur. 


COMAH establishments are regulated by the COMAH Competent Authority (CA), comprised from four public bodies all working together in partnership, these bodies are: 


         •         Health and Safety Executive (HSE). 

         •         Environment Agency. 

         •         Natural Resources Wales (NRW).   

         •         Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). 


To meet with COMAH Regulations, Portland Bunkers UK are required to identify, assess and mitigate Major Accident Events.   


On-site and Off-site emergency plans have been drawn up to take the necessary measures in the event of a major accident. A Safety Report has also been submitted to the Competent Authority that incorporates a major accident prevention policy, and a safety management system for implementing such a policy. 

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