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MT desert Oak (resident bunker barge) departing PBUK terminal after a loading operation 

MT Monjasa Provider and MT Monjasa Promoter 

MV Vole Au Vent (offshore support vessel) berthing alongside PBUK terminal for MGO Ex-pipe bunker supply.

MT Evinco (VLSFO import Tanker) arrived to PBUK terminal from the Valero refinery Pembroke UK, with a full cargo of VLSFO 

MV Vole Au Vent (offshore support vessel) berthing alongside PBUK terminal for MGO  

Ex pipe bunker supply. 

MT Skaw Provider bunkering the Saipem 7000, a semi submersible DP crane vessel

MT Monjasa Provider bunkering the Saipem 7000, a semi submersible DP crane vessel 




MT Kirsten Maersk at PBUK terminal discharging 19,000 CBM of Marine Gas Oil. 

MT Monjasa Provider making her approach to PBUK Terminal for VLSFO and MGO loading operations 

Monjasa Provider approaching the cruise ship Marella Explorer on Deep water Berth (DWB) Portland port. 


Cruise ship Norwegian Bliss in the foreground alongside Outer coaling Pier (OCP) berth 

MT Monjasa Promoter departing PBUK terminal after MGO + VLSFO loading operation 

MT Monjasa Promoter carrying out a bunker supply to cruise vessel Carnival Breeze. 


Supply took place alongside Outer coaling pier berth in Portland Port. 


Quest Marine provided the spacer barge to enable MT Monjasa Promoter to raft alongside without damaging the overhanging lifeboats on the Carnival Breeze. 

Another beautiful Portland Sunrise with MT Monjasa Promoter and MT Desert Oak double banked alongside  

PBUK terminal 


Not our usual visitor here at Portland Bunkers UK, but a warm welcome to the MT Whitchallenger this morning.

A great start to a busy weekend for our crew here at PBUK.

Monjasa Reformer discharging 10,000 MT Marine Gas Oil 25th of January 2023

Monjasa Promoter carrying out a Bunker supply to the cruise Ship Caribbean Princess at Portland 2024