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MT C Force 


The MT C Force has now joined Monjasa’s fleet working from PBUK Terminal at Portland, she will be covering bunker supplies throughout the UK and all Northern France ports. With her large cargo capacity of 10,885 cubic meters and high loading and discharge rates, she is a welcome addition to the Monjasa bunker fleet.  


She will be operating alongside MT Monjasa Provider and the Portland Bunkers Terminal, giving Monjasa a grand total of nearly 60,000 cubic meters of capacity, here in the UK.  


We wish her and her operator, our client Monjasa all the best.  


For all bunker supply enquiries please contact Monjasa’s Europe Offices in Denmark;  


Tel: +45 70 260 230  

E-mail: denmark@monjasa.com 

Monjasa Website: www.monjasa.com  

Main office: +44 (0) 1305 866140 

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