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Another successful joint Oil Spill Exercise 


Once in every quarter Portland Bunkers UK deploy our oil spill containment and recovery equipment. Twice a year, we join forces with Portland Harbour Authority to test and prove all our combined equipment and knowledge in a full-scale Oil Spill Exercise. 


Last month, both Portland Bunkers UK and Portland Harbour Authority managed to find a couple of hours out of the busy Portland schedule, to take part in the joint exercise. 




Motor tanker ‘Portland’ was moored alongside a small Ferry carrying out bunkering (re-fuelling). During the operation a tank on the Ferry began to overfill, causing some of the oil to come over the deck and into the water. MT ‘Portland’ reported the spill via VHF radio to Portland Harbour Control. 




         · Portland Harbour Control immediately mobilised the oil spill recovery team. 

         · Team command made a spill assessment and plan for recovery. 

         · The recovery team mustered at the oil spill equipment store and began to inflate booms and deploy the equipment. 

         · Pilot boat takes 300 metres of oil containment boom from the oil spill equipment store to the spill location. 

         · The shore team fasten each end of the boom to the Quay side around the ships, containing the oil spill. 

         · A skimmer was then launched to recover the oil into a collection tank. 




These deployment exercises are invaluable for the teams, giving them hands on experience with the equipment in real conditions. The intention is, if an actual oil spill should happen, we are fully prepared and have experienced people to deal with it. 

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